Marble is an instantly recognizable stone; its soft colours, vibrant warmth, and naturally occurring veining make this material an excellent choice for those seeking natural beauty and elegance. Many people often think as marble as being white with grey veining; however, they may be surprised to see the complete range of different colours that are available to create beautiful marble worktops.

Marble is a versatile product, suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and wall cladding. The stone is often used in classic or farm house style kitchens complimenting wooden cabinets. Despite its traditional usage, marble has recently been the worktop surface of choice for kitchen designers and interior architects seeking to complete a kitchen in an unrivalled way.

Marble is a softer stone in comparison to granite and quartz, and is extremely sensitive to acidic liquids such as fruit juice. The stone is sensitive to marking and scratching, and over time will age with the kitchen.