Fire Surrounds

Everyone loves a cozy fire on a winter evening, but your fireplace can be a stunning feature in your home all year round. Whether you are looking for your first installation or an upgrade to your existing fireplace – we have something for every home.

From sleek and modern, to traditional and classic, all our fireplace surrounds are available in custom sizes, colours, and materials – a truly bespoke product. All of our Fireplace surrounds are sourced from carefully selected retailers.

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Abbey Beige Marfil

Amerillo in Fiorito Bianco

Arbroath in Bianco White

Arizona Beige Marfil

Beaumont Fantasy Royal

Blenheim Bateig Diamante

Brooklyn in Fiorito Bianco

Canford Curve in Bateige Diamante

Canford in Bateige Diamante

Canterbury in Beige Marfil

Celtic Relvinha Limestone

Cheltenham Relvinha Limestone

Deddington in Beige Marfil

Dundee in Polar & Ephesus Grey

Empire Polar & Ephesus Grey

Estelle in Relvinha Limestone

Farlow In Fiorito Bianco


Fluted Arch in Crème Marfil

Glencoe in Pearl Stone

Heathfield Bateig Diamante

Henley Fiorito Bianco

Inca Artstone

Inverness in Pearl Stone

Jarrow Honed Polar

Kinlet Polar & Slate

Knighton Turkish Limestone

Langley Fiorito Bianco

Ledbury Semi Rijo Limestone

Mamble Polar

Manhattan in Semi Rijo Limestone

Marissa Curve Turkish Limestone

Marissa Straight Turkish Limestone

Marston Beige Marfil

Melbourne 2 Fiorito Bianco

Melford Curve Fantasy Royal

Melford in Fiorito Bianco

Middleton Amber Crystal

Newton 48 Polar Ephesus Grey

Paisley in Fiorito Bianco

Paladio Fiorito Italica

Pavillion Fiorito Bianco

Petite in Beige Marfil

Priory Pearlstone

Radley in Relvinha Limestone

Reigate Turkish Limestone

Salisbury in Beige Marfil

Shelsey Polar

Sherbourne Curve in Fiorito Bianco

Sherwood Relvinha Limestone

Stokesay Fiorito Bianco

Tudor Relvinha Limestone

Tuscon Beige Marfil

Victorian Corbel Carrara

Windsor Petite Beige Marfil

Windsor Semi Rijo Limestone

York Beige Marfil


10mm Beval

Ascot 20mm

Double Ovolo


Full Bullnose

Half Bullnose



Quadrant (20mm)


Steep (30mm)

Triple Ovolo (30mm)

Triple Pencil

Stone Samples

Amber Crystal

Bateige Diamante

Beige Marfil

Bianco White

Black Grantite Honed

Creme Marfil

Ephesus Grey

Fantasy Royal

Fiorito Bianco

Fiorito Italica



Pewter Grey


Relvinha Limestone

Relvinha Limestone

Semi Rijo Limestone


Turkish Limestone